Elvis in Horsham

Elivs arrives in style to the Horsham Hall-WHO-ween event organised by the Horsham District Council and the Horsham Rotary Club.

In 1977, the one thing Elvis needed was a Doctor.  What people do not know, is that one turned up and rescued him!

Elvis returned from the dead to Horsham, as The TARDIS materialised next to the Bandstand to deliver Elvis to the stage.

Fans of both The King and Doctor Who were able to witness the arrival of Elvis via Time Travel, and afterwards had their picture taken with The TARDIS. Scary to think Elvis is currently flying through time and space equipped with his microphone, sonic screwdriver and jelly babies ready to entertain the world once again.

The band were called Almost Elvis and for more details visit:


Elvis didn’t die, he just needed a Doctor

Sheffield Fright Night

More than 40,000 visitors joined the city centre party on Sunday (always staged on the Sunday before Halloween) They close the roads in Sheffield City Centre for this ‘mass promenade’ event. Attractions included a Giant Puppet, urban dance, the Titan Robot, Ghostbusters car, the Tardis and Daleks, a Scream Tent, a Giant Cycling Hippo, fancy dress catwalk, funfair rides/stalls, samba band, food stalls, children’s activities and craft stalls.

Knightrider – Knightcon 2011

Fans from all over the world got “KITTed” (sorry..) out for a “Knight” (going pun mad…) to remember when one of the biggest conventions of its kind came to West Yorkshire. Lovers of iconic 80s TV show Knightrider, starring David Hasselhoff, brought their treasured modified Pontiac Trans Ams to wow the crowds at Castleford’s Xscape leisure complex for the fifth annual Knighcon convention.

The British Library

The British Library in central London are holding an “Out of this World” exhibition that includes rare manuscripts by the Brontes alongside a copy of Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’, a 16th century account of the political system of an imaginary island paradise. Add a crashed spaceship, talking robots and Doctor Who’s TARDIS and you’ve got something more intriguing that the British Library hopes is going to pull in visitors to its building in London’s Euston Road between now and the end of September 2011

We were pleased to be able to supply our Tom Baker style Police Box for the duration of the exhibition that runs from April to September 26th 2011

Wedding – Yorkshire

Katherin and Craig Lightowler were married near Cleackheaton in Yorkshire and for their evening wedding event organised a Fancy Dress evening with a Sci-Fi theme. Many people dressed as their favourite characters from Doctor Who as well as other Sc-Fi based shows like Star Trek.

As well as the Fancy Dress, outdoor activities including a fantastic show with fire breathers dressed in various costumes.

Hire a Tardis manged to squeeze the Police Box into the venue (with a little bit of trimming!!)

Ely Cathedral

‘Rave in the Nave’ is the annual Christian youth event for young people aged 12 and over. This year it is being held on the evening of July 15th within the beautiful surroundings of Ely Cathedral. The event is attended by 1100-1200 young people every year.

‘Rave in the Nave’‘ is organised by all the major Christian denominations and Christian youth organisations across Cambridgeshire. It has been held in Ely Cathedral since 1992.

Hire a Tardis was pleased to be able to provide the Police Box in such an incredible building

Haworth 60’s Weekend

1960’s Weekend in Haworth – Yeah Man – Groovy! Nestling just below the atmospheric West Yorkshire moors, the beautiful village of Haworth is the jewel in the crown of the Worth Valley.

Street performers and musicians captured the decade for everyones pleasure, whilst scooters, Minis and V-dubs cruised the streets. There were dances and record ’hops’ to be enjoyed and many people dressed in period clothing to transport you back to the time when life was less complicated.  The 60’s style Tardis made an appearence along with our WWII style Dalek (called Churchil) kept the children (and adults) entertained throughout the weekend.

The STAR centre from the Keighley campus of Leeds City College also had a marquee where kids build rockets!

Wedding – Lincoln

Tim Ingham, a 30-year-old IT worker at the University of Lincoln, is a self-confessed Doctor Who geek and even won a competition in 2009 to star as an alien villain of his own creation – “Sao Til” – from the Doctor Who Special from Tonight’s the Night with John Barrowman and David Tennant.

Tim Played “Sao Til” is a non-canonical character Tim  dressed up as him, wearing a blue mask, a black bowler hat and a huge robotic arm. He and John Barrowman role-played in the TARDIS set, pretending to be Jack Harkness and Sao Til. They had a faux-battle, before they were interrupted by David Tennant, who asked them to get out of “his TARDIS”

He married his wife Laura, 26, at Nettleham All Saints Church on June 4, 2011.