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Sheffield Fright Night

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Sheffield Fright Night

More than 40,000 visitors joined the city centre party on Sunday (always staged on the Sunday before Halloween) They close the roads in Sheffield City Centre for this ‘mass promenade’ event. Attractions included a Giant Puppet, urban dance, the Titan Robot, Ghostbusters car, the Tardis and Daleks, a Scream Tent, a Giant Cycling Hippo, fancy dress catwalk, funfair rides/stalls, samba band, food stalls, children’s activities and craft stalls.

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Knightrider – Knightcon 2011

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The Silence

Fans from all over the world got “KITTed” (sorry..) out for a “Knight” (going pun mad…) to remember when one of the biggest conventions of its kind came to West Yorkshire. Lovers of iconic 80s TV show Knightrider, starring David Hasselhoff, brought their treasured modified Pontiac Trans Ams to wow the crowds at Castleford’s Xscape leisure complex for the fifth annual Knighcon convention.

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Wedding – Durham

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Durham Wedding

Dr Matthew Peacock and Boris the Dalek
“…It was a case of hurry along as newly-married Matt Peacock rushed his bride straight from their wedding to meet a Doctor Who lookalike at a shopping centre fun day. Dr Peacock, a lecturer in Roman history at Durham University, met a David Tennant lookalike, toured the Time Lord’s famous Police Box and met a Dalek called Boris the Exterminator at the Prince Bishops Shopping Centre, in Durham, yesterday – only minutes after marrying his fiancee, Linda, in a ceremony at Durham Castle…”

More details can be found at the Northern Echo website

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Langton Green Primary School

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The pupils of Langton Green Primary School needed a Tardis and a Dalek to help them with their school science project based on Doctor Who. The children had created a story whereby the Doctor was missing and only his Tardis remained.  Were the Daleks responsible?

“…As this was the first time we had gone about hiring a Tardis and Dalek for the school, we really didn’t know what to expect. How fortunate it was that we picked you! The entire process ran without a hitch and we really appreciated your excellent time keeping and professional manner. The Tardis and dalek themselves looked amazing and we were almost surprised by how sturdy they were and what good condition they were in. This really did contribute marvellously to the school’s curriculum – and the Tardis standing in the hall was greeted with amazement from parents and teachers alike. This enhanced our curriculum beyond expectations – so thank you – we shall have no hesitation in recommending you whenever we can…”

Anton Vamplew
PTA Chair

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