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Elvis in Horsham

By adminNovember 26th, 2012PortfolioComments Off on Elvis in Horsham

Elivs arrives in style to the Horsham Hall-WHO-ween event organised by the Horsham District Council and the Horsham Rotary Club.

In 1977, the one thing Elvis needed was a Doctor.  What people do not know, is that one turned up and rescued him!

Elvis returned from the dead to Horsham, as The TARDIS materialised next to the Bandstand to deliver Elvis to the stage.

Fans of both The King and Doctor Who were able to witness the arrival of Elvis via Time Travel, and afterwards had their picture taken with The TARDIS. Scary to think Elvis is currently flying through time and space equipped with his microphone, sonic screwdriver and jelly babies ready to entertain the world once again.

The band were called Almost Elvis and for more details visit:


Elvis didn’t die, he just needed a Doctor

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Wedding – Lincoln

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Tim Ingham, a 30-year-old IT worker at the University of Lincoln, is a self-confessed Doctor Who geek and even won a competition in 2009 to star as an alien villain of his own creation – “Sao Til” – from the Doctor Who Special from Tonight’s the Night with John Barrowman and David Tennant.

Tim Played “Sao Til” is a non-canonical character Tim  dressed up as him, wearing a blue mask, a black bowler hat and a huge robotic arm. He and John Barrowman role-played in the TARDIS set, pretending to be Jack Harkness and Sao Til. They had a faux-battle, before they were interrupted by David Tennant, who asked them to get out of “his TARDIS”

He married his wife Laura, 26, at Nettleham All Saints Church on June 4, 2011.

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