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The British Library

By adminJuly 15th, 2011PortfolioComments Off on The British Library

The British Library in central London are holding an “Out of this World” exhibition that includes rare manuscripts by the Brontes alongside a copy of Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’, a 16th century account of the political system of an imaginary island paradise. Add a crashed spaceship, talking robots and Doctor Who’s TARDIS and you’ve got something more intriguing that the British Library hopes is going to pull in visitors to its building in London’s Euston Road between now and the end of September 2011

We were pleased to be able to supply our Tom Baker style Police Box for the duration of the exhibition that runs from April to September 26th 2011

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Ely Cathedral

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Tardis at Cathedral

‘Rave in the Nave’ is the annual Christian youth event for young people aged 12 and over. This year it is being held on the evening of July 15th within the beautiful surroundings of Ely Cathedral. The event is attended by 1100-1200 young people every year.

‘Rave in the Nave’‘ is organised by all the major Christian denominations and Christian youth organisations across Cambridgeshire. It has been held in Ely Cathedral since 1992.

Hire a Tardis was pleased to be able to provide the Police Box in such an incredible building

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London Kapow Comic Con

By adminApril 12th, 2011PortfolioComments Off on London Kapow Comic Con

The Police Box makes an appearence at the first ever KAPOW! COMIC CONVENTION an event dedicated to the comicbooks and the films, TV shows and games they inspire.  This was a weekend of entertainment, from signings to sneak-peaks at new upcoming movies, along with many Cosplayers showing off their alter-egos!

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Cambridge Science Festival 2011

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The Cambridge Science Festival is co-ordinated by the Community Affairs team at the University of Cambridge who also run other free public events throughout the year.  The Cambridge Science Festival is hosted in working departments and is run by staff and student volunteers.  Hire a Tardis were there supporting the Hyde Fundraisers raise money for Children in Need
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Cardiff International Comic Expo

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The 2011 Cardiff ComicCon had a Doctor Who theme, inviting many writers and illustrators from the latest Doctor Who themed comics.  We were happy to appear at the ComicCon with the Matt Smith style Police Box, helping to raise money for Help for Heroes.

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Garden Party

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Tardis at Garden Party

The Tardis was booked for a village fete garden party near Wantage, Oxford – she was used as a meeting point for the villagers and many children were thrilled to see it hidden in the undergrowth.

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Cardiff Torchwood Fan Event

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Cardiff Conference

The Police Box lands at the Cardiff Torchwood Fanbase event.  The Norwegian Church Art Centre in Cardiff played host to the Fans of Torchwood.  The Tardis was built inside the Norwegian Church Art Centre for the evenings entertainment.  Many of the fans had their photos taken next the Police Box, she was a great talking point for the evening.  Also present was Danny Hargreaves, the Special FX wiz from Doctor Who and Torchwood


Tardis in Cardiff

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Clic Sargent Charity Fundraiser

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The Tardis arrives in Cardiff for a charity event for Clic Sargent who raise money for children who suffer with cancer.  The charity fundraisers raised money by charging to have photos taken next to the Police Box. 

For more infomation about the Clic Sargent Charity, then please use the link below:

Clic Sargent

Tardis at Charity

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Wedding – Vinopolis

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The Tardis was needed for a wedding at Vinopolis, in London.  She was a great surprise for the Groom who was unaware of the special gift his bride had arranged for him.  We we were even able to supply Bessie, Jon Pertwees favourite yellow car to collect the Groom!

Doctor Who Bessie


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Wedding – Durham

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Durham Wedding

Dr Matthew Peacock and Boris the Dalek
“…It was a case of hurry along as newly-married Matt Peacock rushed his bride straight from their wedding to meet a Doctor Who lookalike at a shopping centre fun day. Dr Peacock, a lecturer in Roman history at Durham University, met a David Tennant lookalike, toured the Time Lord’s famous Police Box and met a Dalek called Boris the Exterminator at the Prince Bishops Shopping Centre, in Durham, yesterday – only minutes after marrying his fiancee, Linda, in a ceremony at Durham Castle…”

More details can be found at the Northern Echo website

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